Sakis Tsinoukas – Orange Tip

Orange Tip is the second album of Sakis Tsinoukas quartet, released by Trumpetfish Records.

LABEL: Trumpetfish Records

Born in Aigio-Greece (1978) and based in Athens, Sakis Tsinoukas studied classical
guitar and piano
since the age of 9. As a teenager he taught himself electric guitar and
worked as a professional musician in genres ranging from blues and rock to Greek
traditional and folk music. In 2005 he got accepted to the Codarts Conservatorium in
Rotterdam (NL)
where he graduated from the jazz department.
During his studies he took lessons by Ed Verhoeff, Paul Hock, Ronald Schmitz, Ben de
Bruijn, Kris Goessens
, took private lessons with Ben Monder and followed masterclasses
by John Scofield, John Abercrombie, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Jesse Van Ruller, Philip
Catherine, Miguel Zenon, Van Iterson, Toots Thielemans, Frank Wingold, Barry Harris
a.o. He has performed live in Greece and in Europe (Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Finland, U.K.) both as a leader and as a member of various projects.

He has released two albums under his own quartet («In Between» ANKH 2014 and «The Great Orange Tip») and two as a band member («Dog Beat» by Dog Beat 2016 and «Prosac Youth» by Numea 2019). Having collaborated with most musicians of
the Greek jazz scene, he is a member of avant garde composer’s Kyriakos Sfetsas
Greek Fusion Orchestra
, and guitar player of Blues Cargo the most popular blues band in Athens Greece.


Sakis Tsinoukas: guitar
Marios Valinakis: saxophone/synths
Alexis Delis: contrabass
Panagiotis Kostopoulos: drums

«Sakis Tsinoukas – Orange Tip» is the second release from Trumpetfish Records.

The album is released on May 4 on Limited 180gr LP.


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