Prisma Flower Band – Prisma Flower Band

Prisma Flower Band is the debut album of Prisma Flower Band, released by Trumpetfish Records.

LABEL: Trumpetfish Records

In the summer of 2018 long time friends Tasos Kakousis and Kostas Stergiou decided that it would be a good idea to join forces and write some songs together.
The spring of 2019 found them recording in the coziest studio in Athens aka Diskex alongside fellow musician, producer and friend Sergios Voudris.
It took two years and help from many friends to finish recording.

If anything this album is an experiment on songwriting, arrangement and communication, and an attempt to keep in touch with the romantic side of music and life in these bleak times

Back Cover

recorded at Diskex studio 2019-2021
all songs written and performed by The Prisma Flower Band
additional music by Sergios Voudris
mixed, engineered and produced by Sergios Voudris
mastered by Stavros Georgiopoulos
front and back cover photographs by Konstantinos Stagikas

With a lot of help from our friends:

Sergios Voudris, Konstantinos «Groovy» Synodinos, Aggeliki Vasilopoulou, Wera, Maria Lympoura, Stelios Papanastasis, Chris Bekiris, Konstantinos Konios,Konstantinos Stagikas, Nektarios Kouvaras, Anastasia Daferera, Margarita Gerogianni, Leonidas Kakavoulis, Giorgos «Mufatsa» Athanasiou, Marissa Farmaki, Michalis Aristomenopoulos, Loukas Valentis

«Prisma Flower Band» is the third release from Trumpetfish Records.

The album is released on April 14 only on limited LP.

200 black vinyl, 100 clear vinyl, 100 clear splatter vinyl


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