Daddy’s Work Blues Band – First

First is the debut album of Daddy’s Work Blues Band, released on vinyl by Trumpetfish Records.

It’s an electric blues gumbo which flirts with all kinds
of neighboring styles. The album features original material, but also
covers by artists such as Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac, Savoy Brown &
Reverend Gary Davies.

The Band has been around for a decade, playing in several venues and
in Greece and supporting artists like Louisiana Red, Doctor
Feelgood, Janice Harrington, Martin Turner (ex Wishbone Ash) etc.
Band Members’ relationship dates back to their teenage years in the
West suburbs of Athens, Greece. Dimitris Doulgeridis has the double
duty of singing and guitar playing, Stathis Anestis’ bass playing handles
the low frequencies, Themis Polyzos is counting the beat behind his
drum-set and Giannis Pachidis blows his harmonica through an

Recordings were held at Orfeas Music Studios, Peristeri, Greece &
Timeless Recording Studios, Elefsina, Greece. The album was mixed
by Babis Tzanidakis at Timeless Recording Studios and mastered by
Nasos Nomikos at Vu Productions studio, Piraeus Greece.

«First» is the fourth release from Trumpetfish Records.

The album is released on December 1st on 300 copies limited LP


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